Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Antiwar Rally in Union Square

By West Village Bill

I went to the antiwar rally in Union Square yesterday with my basset hound, Rudy. I was happy to see such a large turnout; WCBS vaguely said the number of people was in the thousands. It looks as though the Gray Lady didn't write a single word about the protest, which is nothing new.

I like taking Rudy to these very serious gatherings because he makes people smile and enables them to forget, for just a moment, the life-and-death issues at stake, because the people at these protests are keenly aware of the life-and-death issues. I just wish the rest of our fellow Americans were willing to get angry and to show their anger to the powers that be. Maybe then the military-industrial-governmental complex and the banksters and their boosters wouldn't run roughshod over all of us like they do.

I was hoping to meet up with fellow QNY-er Justin there—he'd mentioned the rally on Facebook—but I didn't spot him.

Here are a few photos from the early afternoon:

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