Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Playful Side Of Gay Spirit Camp At Easton Mountain

I am at Gay Spirit Camp at Easton Mountain this week! Check out my overview on Bilerico.

I wanted to take a break from describing the extraordinary sessions and trainings and discussions about the mind, body and spirit of gay men to let you know that this group of 75 participants is also an extremely playful lot. These are men who have reclaimed their inner child and have opened the gate to let him out to roam the hills of this beautiful retreat. Yes, I'll be bringing you profiles of a Reiki master from Italy and also a karmic healer from Scotland, both of whom led amazing sessions, but for the moment, here are some photos of the playful side of Gay Spirit Camp at Easton Mountain. Jason and Raspberry Swirl got their bodies painted while others frolicked in a pit of Dead Sea mud in the meadow beyond the pool. Another photo shows last night's luminaria labyrinth set down in the ancient Greek Cretan pattern. Some men walked the Labyrinth maze naked and with ritualistic and trancelike steps as they circled the lights. I know soooo many men who would never allow themselves an experience like Easton Mountain but could soooo benefit from it.

Photos after the break.