Thursday, December 3, 2009

Equality NOW!

posted by riot

Above is me (in orange) and Richard (with the black beard) at last year's rally protesting the Mormon involvement in passing Prop 8.

I missed the rally last night in Times Square. I'm going to the rally tonight in Union Square, details for which are below. I wish I had time to make big signs, but I'm stuck at the office today. I'll be creatively using my laser printer!

The NYC response to Prop 8's passage was huge. I hope that our response to this affront in our own state will be larger by several orders of magnitude. Last night and tonight should be the first of many rallies and huge political action.

And perhaps most importantly, we need to get rid of the Democrats who betrayed us and elect Democrats who will support us for the next vote. A clear message must be sent: we will not be taken for granted.

Union Square Rally for Marriage Equality
New York, New York
December 3, 2009

North End of Union Square
17th Street & Broadway

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  1. riot, I'll be interested in hearing your impression of the energy at the rally. Anger? Exhaustion? Ready to rumble? Regrouping?