Thursday, December 3, 2009

Loaded: a Thumbs-Up Review

posted by Father Tony

I recently attended Loaded with Joe, Little David, ELeven and Wayne Hoffman. It's clever. It's thought-provoking, Sometimes cringe-inducing. I'm recommending it largely because the two characters presented are not at all far-fetched. They embody parts of almost every gay man who has ever crossed a street in New York City. (Did the author, Elliot Ramón Potts,  go to a gay organ bank when assembling them?)

Is it possible to praise one half of a two-person play much more than the other, or would that be like eating the filling but ignoring the crust of a cherry pie? I ask this because the older character was much better written than the younger one. It's as if the younger one was just a foil who said a lot of "Oh so what you're saying is"s. He was like a machine that fires tennis balls at a pro who repeatedly zings them over the net. Funny how each of us came away with different positive opinions about the merits of Loaded, and I do think you ought to read Joe's review because he was particularly moved by some of the dialogue.

There is brief nudity. There could have been more.


  1. One of the worst plays I have ever seen and way to long at 90 minutes, after the first two minutes it was downhill all the way.

  2. I may have been too kind, in my desire to make my first QNY review a positive one....