Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas in Key West

photo series by baad lamb
Though it almost seemed cold enough to snow on my first-ever day in Key West, New England-appropriate jackets and hats kept us warm as we temporarily left behind the Island House luxury to stroll the streets and admire the tropical-Christmas color. There is no evocative song expertly expressed by Ella to accompany these photos, but the bright hues and southern sunshine-saturation should have you feeling the heat that we could not. Things are back to almost normal now, as daytime temperatures tomorrow are expected to be mid-seventies.

Above, orchids and amaryllis nearly obscure Santa at a lovely private-house patio on Fleming Street

Bows, wreaths, ribbons and garlands galore after the jump.

Just a portion of a well-garlanded fence guarding the grove of tropical plants in a large front yard

Three of many creative holiday wreaths seen decorating front doors during this promenade:
Driftwood and starfish, flip-flops and stained glass, pink pine with lime green bow

Here, the bougainvillea is so bright it nearly camouflages this red-ribboned wreath

A festively festooned front porch on Duval Street

A more restrained holiday symmetry on a side street

Silver balls, silver balls, its Christmas time on the Island...

Happily, more modest seasonal displays abound, and illustrate an endearingly quirky Key West charm

Dusk was just beginning at the end of this little investigative romp, allowing for one (barely) illuminated shot

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