Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Pre-Christmas Visit to Columbus Circle

By West Village Bill

Trombonequartercolumbuscircle121010On a day off yesterday, I went to the Columbus Circle Holiday Market, like my co-worker Joyce had done on her day off on Wednesday. Because I've simply got to keep up with my friend who was featured in one of my first posts for QNY. :-)

I bought a couple of small Christmas presents for my Granny and some made-in-Queens Raaka chocolate bars for myself. And I listened to a delightful trombone quartet that performed the "Hallelujah Chorus" from Handel's Messiah and other standards in four parts. (This was yet another occasion when I wished I'd had my camera with me—or a camera phone with video-making capability—so I could have recorded a snippet of their performance.)

Piesnthighschickenbiscuitatcolumbuscircleholidaymarket121010Like Joyce, I got a chicken biscuit from the Pies 'n' Thighs stand. It was sinfully, but not life-changingly, good. I'd asked for only the hot sauce on it, not the hot sauce AND honey butter it's supposed to come with, because I was thinking that combo would be just too damn much on top of the fried chicken and whatever fat is used in the biscuit. Maybe my life would have been changed if I'd gotten the honey butter too. :-)

I also enjoyed the slice of sweet potato pie I got from PnT. I'd wanted to get a cup of ginger tea to cut through all of the richness, but the guy working the counter said it wasn't hot yet.

While I was up that way, I also hit Columbus Circle Wines & Spirits, where I picked up a few bottles of wine to replenish my almost empty cabinet and Crème Yvette, the violet-flavored liqueur produced by Rob Cooper, the same dude who makes St-Germain.

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