Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kiss and Say Goodbye. An entirely different meaning of "tighty-whities"

One of the most inevitable aspects of riding the subways (New York or elsewhere), is the busking for bucks by individuals or groups. Want to "see" a collective, but silent groan? Look around when that loud scratchy voice begins "Ladies and gentlemen, I am not a drug addict, but..." The flip side is the enjoyable site of costumed Mariachi bands, holding hats and guitars as they run from their played-out car to a fresh one, or the flip-fantastic feats of b-boys, head-spinning with feet in the air, perfectly missing poles and people as they perform.
Delightfully unexpected this Saturday, Tony and I were on the way to Greenpoint mid-morning, when over the quiet murmur of the weekend workers on the 1 train came a high sweet voice, accurately sustaining and accenting the first word "I.....had to meet you here today..."
As four aged men shuffled through the car, they stumbled over the words and repeated phrases in the wrong order, but the quality wasn't important, the mid-70s flashback had begun, and the tune stayed with me the rest of the day.
Naturally, I wanted to see those giant collars and big-hair heads, and slow, uniformly precisioned steps and hand movements, but also to hear the breathy, quiet spoken-word confessional intro that sets the premise for the song. And then just had to share it. Enjoy.

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