Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rainbow Easter Bonnets for Fifth Avenue?

 On April 24, LGBT activists from two different groups—Connecting Rainbows and Queer Rising— will walk within the Fifth Avenue Easter Parade in New York City in memory of Americans, whose lives have been lost as a result of prejudice and hate against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.  
In the last year, we have witnessed a spree of hate crimes against LGBT Americans, including, tragically, a very public spike in LGBT teen suicides.  This unnecessary loss of life will continue as long as our culture encourages homophobia and transphobia. 
Activists picked Easter Sunday to increase their visibility in front of the Catholic Church. Last month, Archbishop Timothy Dolan, other Bishops, and other Catholics of New York State traveled to Albany to lobby state leaders on March 8th and 9th to ''oppose efforts to redefine marriage.''  
See :  http://www.nyscatholic.org/pages/policy/show_policy.asp and http://www.nyscatholic.org/uploads/ppf_2978392011%20traditional%20marriage.pdf 
It should come as no surprise, but the Pope recently said that no one has an absolute right to be married.  
See : http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110122/ap_on_re_eu/eu_vatican_marriage 
Enacting more laws or doctrines that discriminate will only contribute to a culture of hate and violence, which, sadly, will only promote hate crimes – and the continued loss of life. 
“The Catholic Church says that it places value and worth on life.  Meanwhile, some of the Catholic Church’s attitudes feed into a culture and hate and violence against LGBT people,” said Louis Flores, a gay man living in New York City.  “This is wrong, and we are organizing to show the Catholic Church that the lives of LGBT people matter.  We are each somebody, and we each deserve respect, dignity, and equality.”

"As a former Catholic Eucharistic Minister, I distributed the body and blood of Jesus to my faithful and believing brothers and sisters in Christ,” said Rich Murray, an LGBT activist living in New York City.  “It would be a miracle if this bigoted hierarchy of men in dresses and Prada continues to treat me and millions of other human beings as less than equal under the laws of the state and, allegedly, in the eyes of God.  Some day, I pray, the Catholic sisterhood and brotherhood in America - 74% of whom support the recognition of same-sex families - will express the true meaning of Christianity loud enough within their appropriate circles to effect a change that ultimately will save lives. It's a sacrament.  My marriage."

"It is good to see members of the LGBT community stand up to the prejudice and hatred of the Catholic Church.  The Church's hatred of members of the LGBT community and their opposition to a women's right to choose must be confronted where ever possible. The blood of LGBT people victimized by violence belongs on the door steps of St. Patrick's Cathedral," said Allen Roskoff, an LGBT activist and the President of the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club.

About Connecting Rainbows : Connecting Rainbows is a group of activists that are organizing civil rights walks in America. The group’s mission is to create a mass movement, demanding full civil rights for LGBT Americans.  Connecting Rainbows uses the power of a social media platform, where activists may create online profiles, meet other activists, plan events, join groups, blog, and participate in online forums. Visit : http://connectingrainbows.ning.com/
About Queer Rising : Queer Rising is a grassroots organization created to demand full equality for all queer people through nonviolent direct action.  Formed in late 2009 by people tired of watching LGBTQ rights put on the back burner or given no attention at all, Queer Rising vows to continue to pressure legislators and the public until all queer people are equal.  Find us Facebook, Twitter, or visit us at www.QueerRising.org <http://www.QueerRising.org> .

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