Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Art School - Day One

Day One of a weeklong course at The Art Students League of New York on 57th Street. (Birthday gift from the husband.) I chose Michael Massen's course "How to draw the clothed figure." Only four students in the class which is great. I explained to Mr. Massen that I acquired my sense of fabric on form by imitating the way Betty and Veronica's sweaters were drawn over their impossible bosoms. He knows some terrific secrets and I think I'm going to benefit from this. Anyway, it is wonderful to be there. I glanced at the work being done by the other students. They are much more skilled than am I, but Mr. Massen was encouraging, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the week. He told us to concentrate on one part of the model's garments and use his basic geometric breakdown of folds as the basis for constructing the drape of fabric over form. It is very hard to unlearn the way of sketching for an oil painting in which you begin with one strong line and build the sketch for the painting around that.

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