Friday, January 28, 2011

Miami Beach International Fashion Week

by baad lamb
Last night we attended the kick-off event for Miami Beach International Fashion Week, held at Mondrian South Beach, and sponsored by Tiffany & Co., as a benefit for the Miami Fashion Week Foundation.

Now before all you New York fashionistas jump on a plane thinking you’re missing this showcase of international fashion design talent, take note that the dates for Fashion Week are March 3 through 6, and then plan accordingly. (Although with the huge piles of snow burying New York, you may still want to book a flight for immediate departure.)

Last night’s prelude, the Second Annual Humanitarian Awards, was an evening to honor ten outstanding philanthropic members of the South Florida community, and raise money for the foundation that will provide scholarships to aspiring young fashion professionals.

But there were plenty of designers in attendance, and a fun crowd enjoying the poolside setting overlooking Biscayne Bay and downtown Miami’s bright lights.
Lots of fun and fashion fotos follow….

At left, Tony and I practice our modeling attitudes while waiting for Mark King, who would be covering the event for Bilerico, to swing by and pick us up. (His report, complete with lots of fun video, will be linked, as soon as it is up.)

Not long after the party got underway, I was compelled to introduce myself to this tantalizing trio. They were friendly, fun and funny. On the left is the awesome Dee of Dee & Co. Hair Studio. After winning Bravo’s Shear Genius season 2, she has opened up her own salon, and appears poised to launch her own Hair Academy. Check out her website and I think you’ll agree- don’t plan on attending a Miami fashion-forward event without first getting creatively coiffed at Dee & Co.

So Me designs is “a socially conscious clothing company” started by Iraq born, Miami-residing fashion model, Bollywood actress, and social activist Somy Ali, who is also one of tonight's Humanitarian Honorees.

          Partyers survey the goods in the silent auction area.

Models display creations by Puerto Rican designer Cesar Rosario (above left).
Samy Gicherman, from Venezuela, and two ladies in waiting showing off his collection named “…en la estacion del tren”.

We spent some time talking to the charming Eric (left of Tony in this photo) and Mauricio (right).

Steely Dan fans will know why I named this photo on the right

Pretzel Logic

For non-fans: because it contains the perfectly delivered line
…where did you get those shoes?” For Eric and Mauricio, the simple answer was Maison Martin Margiela.

Or in her case, Chanel.

Mark King and Julian Chang pose, post interview. Julian was wearing a beautiful pair of not-for-production Roberto Cavalli pants. Chang said there are only 2 pairs like this. Lucky guy.

Tony finds himself one of three peas in a pod as he chats with the lovely models of Petit Pois. A theme that emerged as we talked with many of the designers present this evening? Comfort.

With Petit Pois designer Viviana in the center, flanked by models wearing her creations, and Tony on the left and interviewer Mark King on the right, is the proper title for this photo "The King Family"?

Tony chats with two more of the evening's handsome men, Juan Carlos Collazos, owner of Century Entertainment, an actor and model agency, and Jose Angel Hernandez, Miami Beach correspondant for F&L Magazine.

Above, our boys have made the acquaintance of the fabulous Zsu Zsi, in vintage Valentino, and her handsome friend and neighbor. They both live nearby, so one can predict Zsu Zsi will be around for the main event at the Convention Center in March, as well.

Finally, let’s hear it for Beth Sobol, President and founder of Miami Beach International Fashion Week. Ms Sobol’s resume includes former international fashion model, special event producer, beauty pageant judge, and charity fundraiser. She has lived and worked in more than 30 countries, been presented with keys to the City of Miami five times by two different mayors, and was the 2009 recipient of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year Award! Phew, I’m tired just reading that. Yet here, literally at the end of this night’s event, she looks calm, cool and radiantly happy, with not a hint of stress or sweat. Thank you Beth, for providing both vision and hope to Miami’s emerging designers.


  1. Those pants may have been two-of-a-kind, but your shirts are one-of-a-kind and awesome. Such a handsome couple in that first photo! I'll be down next week, and I'm sorry to be missing you on your visit. Someday...

  2. Birdie, I hope you'll get to meet the Baad Lamb soon. Seeya in a few days!