Monday, January 17, 2011


by Charlie Vázquez

Hello and Happy New Year, Queer New York!

Better late than never (I hope). I've been trying to figure out something to post for the last few weeks, and it was under my nose the entire time. Some of you may know that I curate a reading series called PANIC! at Nowhere in the East Village every last Wednesday of the month. As we began to approach our third year, I decided to begin anthologizing it. The Best of PANIC! ¡En vivo from the East Village! is alive...

I spend a lot of time going to other readings trying to find the right people for PANIC!, and this first volume is a bold testament to Gotham's rich queer lit underground, and one that makes me proud. Featuring established writers such as Sam J. Miller and Lee Houck to burgeoning voices from the LGBT NYC Latino/a writing scene, this is by no means your average collection of queer writing. If you'd like to know more go to this post on my blog.

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