Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love Hangover

(Homemade Valentine detail, Feb 2011)

I don't know what my fellow QNY Bloggers did for their Valentine's but mine started with a fairly mellow evening of drinks at the Cellar Bar in the basement of the Bryant Park Hotel followed by an early dinner at Koi where we finished off some pretty spectacular specials with a rich, dark chocolate fondue and homemade donuts.  Cards were exchanged, his highlighting our 15th Valentine's Day together while mine, a homemade piece of calligraphy I'd been working on for some time, mentioned various platitudes of our days and nights together.
And then we got home and, quite unscripted, I was presented a little black bag holding a purchase from The Leather Man down on Christopher Street.  
So it is like this: after almost 16 years together, there is still room for Valentines, romance, and surprises...even in the most jaded corners of the city.

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