Saturday, February 5, 2011

Queers Against Equality

The College Art Association is having its annual conference in Manhattan on Thursday, February 10, 2011. The Queer Caucus for Art will be hosting a "Creating in the Queer Diaspora" panel that will include Ryan Conrad who is a leader of "Against Equality", a group of queers who give voice to the currently rather unpopular stance that we should not be fighting for things like marriage equality. It's a position that interests me often. Many of those in the queer community love to sing out "I am my own special creation", while concurrently and nonsensically dreaming of the picket fence, the SUV, the 2.5 kids and assimilation. I, however, part ways with "Against Equality" because we should fight for our rights now, even if we never avail ourselves of those opportunities won by equality. Not everyone who worked for the repeal of DADT will enlist. Many will now focus on the deeper issues of anti-war and international policy.  Not everyone who fights for marriage equality will want that license. Some will go on to the greater battle of getting marriage out of the hands of government entirely.

Anyway, Ryan Conrad will be on the panel, and I suspect it would be worth attending. He and "Against Equal" have produced a book about their stance on marriage equality.

Creating in the Queer Diaspora Panel @ CAA
Thursday, February 10, 12:30–2:00
Regent Parlor, 2nd Floor, Hilton (54th St/Avenue of the Americas) New York
Hosted by – Queer Caucus for Art

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