Saturday, June 4, 2011

Author David Leddick's “Love in the Loire” Book Signing

Guest writer/photographer: Miguel Dominguez

Norman Stohl, David Leddick, and Sys Trier Morch

It was supposed to be just another book signing event, but a fine turn-out of the supportive friends and followers of author David Leddick made the evening special. These "David Leddick people" are literate and cultured charmers who brightened up Rizzoli where the event was held.

Jonathan Axelrod and Augusto Starico

Katharine Baum and Judy Wald

David Frank Ray (aka QNY's Darling!) having his book signed by David Leddick

Leddick (publisher of davidsgaydish) is also an actor and musical playwright, who contacted Queer New York blog's contributing journalist Darling! to see if we could cover his event. When Darling! asked me if I would take the assignment, I jumped at the chance.  I did not know then that Leddick also writes the most intriguing non fiction, mostly on themes of homosexual interest. Some of his published books having been "Escort...40 Profiles of Men Who Sell Sex" with photos by David Vance, and “How to be Gay in the 21st Century”.

Artist Rinaldo Frattolillo with actress Gwendolyn Bucci, Leddick and Jane Gallagher

Leddick had just published, and was promoting, “Love in the Loire”, a fictional follow up on a character he had written about in a previous book ”My Worst Date“, and the book was selling like the proverbial hotcakes. The biggest thrill for me, aside from meeting Leddick, was having the opportunity to socialize with his delightful friends. Among them, actress Gwendolyn Bucci, artist Rinaldo Frattolillo, CFDA designer Michel Kramer-Metraux and Judy Wald, chairman of Judy Wald Consulting, Inc.

Denise Walch with David

Designer Michel Kramer-Metraux

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