Monday, June 20, 2011

How the city changes

This is 28th Street as seen from the newly opened second portion of the High Line looking west. The north side of the street is vacant with recent demolition prepping a huge lot for new condos. You can't quite see down to the Eagle on the south side of the street. Later in the day, Folsom Street East would take place directly below this overlook. That must have made for some very shocked tourists! Click to inspect the site where too many worlds collide. Nothing can or should be done to stop this. It is part of the vitality of the city.


  1. Tony, you may not want to tell that to the guy at Forgotten NY to his face. Not that I have or will), but you know. This is what makes the city live - reconfiguration of space - it's been happening since its very inception. The old gets erased to make way for the new whether it works or not. If we didn't do this, the city would just not survive.

  2. I agree, Ivan, and sometimes, the changes are things I don't personally like. Gentrification of 28th Street, for example, is bad news for one of my favorite hang-outs, The Eagle. It's like with the hair on your head. It grows. Sometimes you get a bad haircut. It grows back. Maybe next time, you get it right. Then it grows back again....
    What's the alternative? Bald.