Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene Has Moved On, and Tony and I Have Moved a Little Uptown

By West Village Bill

New York made out pretty well during Tropical Storm Irene, and this Queer New Yorker moved to a new place within the West Village with my Tony—Tony P.—just before the storm hit.

There were no deaths reported from Irene in the city, and the damage was less than anticipated. Our super said there was flooding farther downtown, but my part of the West Village seemed OK except for a few downed trees next to Bleecker Playground, one of which blocked off Bleecker Street between Bank and 11th streets, and some broken-off tree limbs in a triangular mini park near Abingdon Square.

On Friday, Tony and I moved in together in a new apartment just north of the square, on Jane Street. It was fairly easy, as far as moves go. Tony is a minimalist who doesn't have too much in the way of possessions, and I had a good deal of stuff stuffed into my one-bedroom. We spent our forced indoor time during the storm getting some of our crap put away, but we've still got quite a bit to unpack.

When I took my corgi, Emme, out to do her business this afternoon, I saw—I'm almost certain—Janeane Garofalo walking her dog. And yesterday morning, when Tony was buying some last-minute provisions at the Westside Market, he saw RuPaul wearing biker shorts and a pink tank top and carrying a parasol. I would have been starstruck beyond belief. I would hope I would have managed to tell him how much fun I have watching his TV shows, but I might have been too shy to say anything.

I hope that wherever you're reading this post, you're secure, dry, and unscathed from Irene.

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