Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Logo's A-List Season 2 Cast Party: We've Got The Secrets!

QNY's Miguel Dominquez and I attended the A-List Season 2 Kick-off party at District 36. He took the pictures and I got the dirt!

Reichen Lehmkuhl, handsome as ever, was not shy about expressing his dissatisfaction with President Obama's track record on Don't Ask Don't tell. He admits progress has been made but is quite sure that someone else could have gotten the job done sooner and to completion. Reichen told me he is single, dating, happy and just a little anxious about season 2 of the A-List. He says that in a show like this "there are never enough moments to capture the total person." He is also very excited about his new book, "It'll Be Great Exposure" and his new line of skin care products.
More photos and the dish, after the break.

Austin Armacost is still delightfully chatty, and is now happily married to an Englishman whom he met in Minneapolis. He fell in love, and two days after he got his passport he moved to England. Austin confesses that despite his aggressive public persona, at home he willingly turns into June Cleaver, happily doing the cooking, laundry and cleaning for his husband. He say's that Reichen, with whom he has not spoken for nine months, should "quit dating fucking models." Austin believes that just because a gay marriage involves twice the testosterone, doesn't mean monogamy is impossible. He says "My father is just as much of a man as I am and he managed never to cheat on my mother. I can do the same." He confided that in Season 2, he and Rodiney become friends. He is excited about the possibility of doing a Playgirl cover. Austin is lively and engaging and smart, and I am quite sure that someday he will have his own talk show.
Mike Ruiz doesn't mind being called the "elder statesman" of the group. He is so gracious and seems to be unaware of his smoldering good looks. He talked about what Season One meant for him. "I got many opportunities that were significant for me. I got to speak up for groups like the Trevor Project, GLAAD and the Ali Forney Center." Does he laugh when he watches the show? "Oh my god, it's frikkin hilarious. I tell my castmates to loosen up. It's a TV show. It's like opera. Everything is way over the top." Mike, originally from Montreal and coupled, says he is happy and surprised that he managed to survive his wild years without looking worn out. "Now it's all about good clean living. That's my secret to staying young."
New to the show is South African born beauty queen Nyasha Zimucha who told me that she doesn't think "bitchy" is a very nice word, and says that being the only woman in a cast of handsome gay men is "challenging, but I'm going to hold my own." Then she demonstrated exactly that!
Brazilian supermodel Rodiney Santiago seems not to have changed a bit since we talked at the start of season one. About last year he says "Season One was hard for me. A lot of people making drama in my life. It was weird." Rodiney is single and looking and living in New York. He says the weather here is difficult "for a Brazilian boy" but the men of New York still have a chance with him. He has a broad range of types and wants to find someone he can be comfortable with.

Derek Saathoff was wearing a gorgeous turquoise blazer. "Honey, I love a bargain. I got this at Zara for $79.99." About Season One, he had this to say, "It was a growing experience. I got to see how I come off to people. Whether you liked me or hated me, I am the person you saw. I was always in control of myself. No one told me how to behave. It was all about how I handled myself and reacted to situations. Of course it's high drama. Look, it's reality TV. No one wants to see you just go to the drug store to buy stuff like tooth paste." Is he in love?  "I would love to find romance. I'm dating. I'm optimistic." Derek also warns potential boyfriends that he is not a sound sleeper and spends the night tossing and turning.

Later in the evening I bumped into fabulous Sahara Davenport, a Ru Paul's Drag Race winner.

Who's your daddy?


  1. haha! you, darlin. love the photos. less enamored of the show, but might give it another go. that rodiney is toooo gorgeous. and mike. yum.

  2. I know, Lynette, I just can't decide who would be better in bed!