Sunday, July 8, 2012

Young Dancers Enjoy Midsummer Night Swing

by baad lamb
At this Saturday Night's rendition of Midsummer Night Swing, with JD McPherson providing his distinctive retro-contempo swing, an enthusiastic group of youngsters show off their collective dance moves outside the paying walls. Although the steps they were all practicing look like a Broadway chorus line routine, it's clear they are trained in classical ballet. Perhaps they're summer term students at the School of American Ballet?
Since I'm not a regular ballet attendee, maybe a few of them will defect to the contemporary dance scene, and with luck, I'll be applauding one or two of them in a few years down at the Joyce.

I'm pretty sure that is the dance instructor Adam Lee, Lindy-Hopping with a partner in between views of the kids.

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  1. in the mid fifties in upstate new york we didn't call it swing, and the term jitterbugging was on the way out, but this was how we danced then. part of me would still like to have grabbed a willing girl, or guy if he could follow, and show em what i know. the other part of me knows that the spirit remembers but the flesh (or bones in my case) is weak.