Monday, July 2, 2012

Spain vs. Italy

by baad lamb
Watching yesterday's Euro 2012 final, it was clear Italy never had a chance. Spain dominated the ball from the beginning, and the Azzurri looked tired chasing it around the field. But a few hours before the first kick, I staged a more shallow competition to familiarize myself with all the players: Which team was prettier? As I compared my top three from each team, La Roja barely edged ahead and won this game too, but it was much closer and perhaps more exciting than their easy 4-0 victory in Kiev. (All pics by others, from google image search; click links on NAMES below to bring up all their images and decide for yourself.)

                                       Raul Alboil                                  Gerard Piqué                      Victor Valdés

                                 Andrea Barzagli                            Antonio Nocerino               Sebastian Giovinco


  1. Spain played breathtaking football, with incisive short passes.The way they penetrated the Italian defence through deft dribbling and sharp passing, they dominated the total game.Kudos! Spain!

  2. Look at Daniele De Rossi with more attention: you can discover one of the sexiest men of the world

  3. Salvatore, I agree, there is a lot to like there! But following the opposites attract rule, the darker skinned, dark haired men usual catch my attention first, hence most of my choices above. At your suggestion, I did take a second look, and Mr. Rossi oozes masculinity; I especially like his scruffier pics.
    Like this one.

    1. Good, baad lamb, now is going better: you posted a wonderful pic. FORZA ROMA!