Saturday, November 13, 2010

Autumn in New York

Our perfect Autumn stroll through Central Park this morning.

Lots more photos (and Ella and Louis!) after the jump.

Open this video up in another browser window and press play. Then you can enjoy the sweet and clear perfection of Ella's voice while you return to embiggen these pics of this glorious New York City Autumn morning. Then get outside immediately.


  1. I've been enjoying a second look at your gorgeous pictures while it rains here. It just struck me: with the exception of a handful of people almost invisible in the symmetry of the bridge photo, there are no people in your shots. How on earth did you manage that at Central Park on a beautiful day?

  2. An interesting observation, Birdie, and one I have often made to the Baad Lamb who much prefers the city empty of people whereas I am just the opposite and will generally focus on the people or their evidence.

  3. Sean, Thank you.

    Birdie, my hubbie is only half right. I love New York totally filled with eight million people. I just don't want them to get in the way of my lens!
    So there are some simple reasons for Saturday's people-less shots:
    1. It was 8AM. At that time, the Park has mostly dog-people who are letting their dogs run free from sun-up till about 9 (when the City resumes aggressive leash-law enforcement).
    2. The Sheep Meadow gates were not open yet.
    3. I wait till there are no (or almost no) people in the shot.
    4. I crop them out of it.
    Thank you for liking them.

  4. Birdie, See? He should have pleaded the fifth. I rest my case.

  5. Gorgeous, BL, as usual. And I'm much more of a misanthrope than you. For about two years I was a dogwalker, mostly in Central Park, and I loved having the place largely to myself during the Winter months. There was usually a bit of sniffing at the fair weather friends who showed up to enjoy the place (and be in my way)in Spring. Silliness.
    What is the image in between the two fountain shots? My guess is it's algae in the fountain, but I'm not sure. It's still one of my favorites.

  6. Hi, kitchenbeard, thank you.

    Patrick, that green stuff was what I call "pond scum" anywhere else, but in Central Park, it's "soft swirling algae in the Lake".

  7. Beautiful pictures ... makes me miss New York. Nothing like it down here in Florida.

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