Sunday, November 21, 2010

Race to Deliver 2010

by baad lamb

A morning walk in the park with coffee and a bagel unexpectedly turns into cheering on runners for the Race to Deliver, the annual fundraiser 4 mile run for God's Love We Deliver, the volunteer charity organization that provides meals to HIV/AIDS patients and others too sick to care for themselves.
Happily, the camera was at the ready...

As I arrived on the scene, between Strawberry Fields and Wagner Cove, the earliest group of finishers had just crossed the finish line about 200 yards from here. 
More video and photos after the jump...

Here's another view from the little hill that holds the Falconer statue.
Rounding the bend to finish line
Down the home stretch
Daniel Webster: "Finish line then donuts, now and forever"
The end is near...
"Majestic" runners
Towards the finish line from the Falconer statue
the finish line
Why can't I look this happy after 4 miles?
Remember this is all a fundraiser for a great cause and organization
Go, runners, go!
almost there!
in this race, everybody wins
Post-race view from Bear Hill. Usually, this is the skate-circle
Members of the wonderful staff of God's Love We Deliver
Cheer New York was on site to congratulate the winners
Third place Women's finisher
Cheer New York welcomes first place women's finisher
Third and first place women finishers flank GLWD CEO Karen Pearl
Third place men's finisher
Cheer New York welcomes first place men's finisher
First Place! Congratulations, and thank you.
Winners, all!
Note: I'l try to update later with the winners' names. Also, Second place men's and women's winners did not come up on stage to accept, although a friend accepted for the 2nd place men's.


  1. Didn't you and Tony run for this one year?

  2. Yes we did, Birdie. In 2007.