Friday, November 12, 2010

Violet Tendencies

By West Village Bill

Last night, Tony and I caught Violet Tendencies, starring Mindy Cohn as a 40-year-old fruit fly who decides she needs to stop hanging out with her gay BFFs if she's ever going to find a man who loves her pussy too. It's a fun little rom-com that gets some points off for being too predictable. But it offers up a lot of laughs and some hunky eye candy—in particular, Sam Whitten as Riley. And Cohn is delightful as the self-described "oldest living fag hag."

I loved loved loved Cohn as Natalie Green on The Facts of Life growing up, and I kept waiting for one of her gay co-stars to break out with a Mrs. Garrett–like "Girls! Girls!" But that wink to the audience never happened. *sigh* Violet Tendencies has been extended through Nov. 18 at Quad Cinema.

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