Thursday, December 16, 2010

Is There Room in Your Heart, NYC?

by Charlie Vázquez

This is not your typical musical production, but proceeds from tickets sales and donations will go to help fund Sylvia’s Place, a Manhattan shelter for homeless LGBT youth. My boyfriend and I attended last night’s performance, and I’ll admit that neither of us are fans of musicals, but Is There Room in Your Heart? transcended all of that and opened a Pandora's Box of humanism that dazzled with good old in-your-face New York City realism. For many in the cast are indeed homeless.

The strength of this experimental musical is the way in which it dissects homelessness, from a monolithic condition, to a wider span of individual circumstances that transform everyday working people to folks that lose everything; jobs, homes, families. Forced to wander and depend on the charity of others and of the government, even more is lost: health, pride, confidence.

Each story will stay with you for a long time—plus the singing is fantastic!
It's estimated that nearly half of the homeless youth on the streets of New York City fall under the LGBT umbrella, so attending one of the four remaining programs will help us to help our own! And plus, it's that time of year.

For tickets and information click here.

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