Sunday, July 24, 2011

Don't Look Back

by baad lamb

In the Biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah, God destroys the cities but spares Lot and his family. He warns them all not to look back as they flee the raining fire and brimstone, but Lot's wife did and she was immediately turned into a pillar of salt. We were taught that this story was a warning of the wickedness of homosexuals (and somehow were expected to overlook the "godly" father who offered up his young virgin daughters to be gang-raped). What most of us took from it as we opened up our dark closet doors and danced into the sunshine was "Don't Look Back".

In the 21st century story of equal rights for all New Yorkers, the legislative body elected by and for New Yorkers finally grasped the equal part, and same-sex couples can now get married, divorced, and remarried as often, and for as profound or as frivolous reasons as their straight brothers and sisters. There will be no looking back.
Enter betrothed here
Exit married here!

The long line-up waiting for that moment
Father Tony assembles a wedding party photo

Beautiful Anticipation;    Dan Choi congratulates the newlyweds;    Palpable Joy from the eager engaged

More waiting...
Meet and greet across the street
Celebrants ignored the lone protester in the pen

Will you....?      Um, yes!

Put yourself in this picture!

A king finally gets to marry his prince

Honey, can we get on with our honeymoon now?

Competing wedding officiants discuss business.          One hundred dollars!?

Father Tony interviews this delightful crew from Washington Heights. The two center men were married today. The outside guys are still negotiating love or money.

Hey, look over there! You all know who this is!  Hi Eric.

Happy couples applauded by welcoming security and staff at exit.
The crowd across the street provided the cheers of joy.


  1. So good. These photos made me cry.

  2. What awesome shots. Hopefully the rest of the country will soon follow.

  3. What beautiful photos of a memorable day. They make me look forward all the more for when my fiancé and I pick up our marriage license next month.