Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fire Island Invasion

By West Village Bill

Tony P. and I were in Fire Island Pines for part of the long 4th of July weekend and so were able to catch the 35th annual Invasion of that hamlet by a boatload of drag queens (and a few drag kings) from Cherry Grove.

Miss Meat-Rack 2011 was one of my favorite individual queens. Tony and I really enjoyed the collection of Esther Williams wanna-bes, who did a synchronized-swimming-style routine on the dock; they won the (no doubt highly coveted) Most Tragic Group award.

Many more photos after the jump, including the winner of the Best Individual award, Chita, who looked fabulous in gold and oodles of feathers.


  1. Civil rights has never looked like so much fun!

  2. Sing along with me now . . . "I'm strictly a she-male she-male and I hope that my future will be to walk the streets as a free-male she-male who enjoys being a boy being a girl like me!"