Sunday, July 24, 2011

The First Batch of Same-Sex Marriages in New York City

The Baad Lamb and I went to the City Clerk's Office this afternoon to join the cheering crowd (drowning out the two dismal protesters) of well-wishers as the first several hundred same-sex couples were granted licenses, and, with the otherwise mandatory 24 hour wait waived, got married on the spot.

The lines wrapped around the block with each couple clutching the card that would allow them inside to obtain their license and to get immediately hitched.

Here's a slideshow, or use this link to see the names/captions.

Outside the building, whenever the revolving exit door delivered another newly wed couple,  an accordian player would cue the crowd which would break into applause and cheers.
Here's a video of the lonely protester cordoned off across the street.

One of the two protestors refused to give his name or affiliation. Another older man named Joseph Garber identified himself as a concerned Jewish New Yorker whose signs demanded that Archbishop Dolan excommunicate Governor Cuomo. He seemed grammatically challenged. One of his posters read "Homo Sexuality is a Biblican Sin".

I chatted with the Reverend Thomas Synan of the Episcopal Church of the Heavenly Rest located at East 90th Street and 5th Avenue. He was there to offer his blessing to any of the newlyweds who might want it. When I asked him if his church is 100% in favor of the concept of same-sex marriage, he replied, "Not yet 100% but we're working on that. There is certainly a solid block of us."

There were other marriage officiants offering their services for a range of fees. I saw prices from less than $50 to $100. Cantor Shira Belfer was offering a custom-tailored Jewish ceremony at her shop on East 14th Street. Today, she brought with her some pvc pipe to fashion an instant chuppah for any impetuous Jewish newlyweds.

The happiness was contagious.

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  1. Gee, an anti-gay protester who is a moron and can't spell. Imagine that...l