Saturday, May 8, 2010

Limelight Resurrected

By baad lamb

After an errand in the neighborhood, I passed by the grand opening of the "Limelight Marketplace", the latest reincarnation for this iconic House of Worship. Appropriately, it finally reflects the values of America's OneTrueReligion- shopping. St. Peter and St. Michael be damned.


  1. Holy High Waspishness! Looks like both Jesus and Heyzoos have left the building. This edition will be brief.

  2. So THAT was what was going on down there! I walked by on Thursday, and it looked like some big catered affair was setting up. I had assumed the place was now being rented out for weddings and such. What a weird history that place has. At least now I'll actually be able to see the inside. I never made it to the Limelight.

  3. It's a great concept with the power house of James Mansour behind the concept. Look for outposts across the nation.