Sunday, May 2, 2010

New York City Moment

18 seconds of "I'm late. I'm late. For a most important date."
(Down the rabbit hole of the endlessly entertaining Columbus Circle, last weekend.)

Reenactment of Rhoda's wedding ?


  1. Fabulous. The storytelling mechanism goes into overdrive from this brief video. Your humming at the end made it even better.

  2. I so wish you had chased him down the street and interviewed him. Where do you think he was going?

  3. Like Patrick, I've made up lots of stories over this.
    Radical Faerie out for a Springtime romp?
    Butch Bear lost a bet and is doing penance?
    But my favorite? This was a reenactment of "Rhoda's Wedding"

    If you don't know it, you're just too young. When I was a kid, it was famous for being the second-most watched TV show ever.

    Watch Valerie Harper fail to hail a cab, take the subway from 72nd Street (notice Gray's Papaya on the corner?), and then cross the Grand Concourse in her wedding dress and white pumps.