Thursday, May 20, 2010

"This Mortality Thing Is Bad News" Said The Widow

By Tony Adams

While there is worse domestic architecture to be had, there is probably none more playful than that of New Yorkers Madeline Gins and her husband Arakawa who died Tuesday in Manhattan at the age of 73. Be sure to watch the audio slideshow about their recent Long Island "Lifespan Extending Villa" Bioscleave House.

The Baad Lamb and I once owned a 200 year old farmhouse whose floors were tilted so dramatically that we soon discovered why the previous owners had left behind a beautiful Berkey and Gay 1930s dining room set. In order to make the table and buffet level, they sawed off a couple of inches from the legs on one side of the room. I'm quite sure the slope of that house is why we are still alive and maintaining our "tentative reality" after all these years.

(photo: Eric Striffler for the NY Times)

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  1. Movement and play emulate the life of a child. What better way to go through life? Age is only a number; what we make of it defines the life we live.