Sunday, May 9, 2010


By HabanaSky

Hello, how are you doin' today? That's how our conversation begins.
Yet the answer to the question, is far from the truth, because I tell you that I'm fine, but
in reality I die a little more every moment you're not by my side and I realize, that the distance between grows more and more each time.
You say, " I'm alright", but I hear in your voice, what you're trying to hide. That you miss me and need me to heal the wounds you get out of life, and you need my affection to comfort your pain, but I know you'll let your pride stand in the way ... of our perfect romance.
Just as I'm about to give up, there's a silence that's louder than any spoken words and I can feel you tremble, your hands holding on to mine and I can taste each tear drop that's fallen from your eyes. My heart is filled with your sadness, my head is echoing with your madness and though we're miles apart I hold you in my arms.
As you speak, I savor every word, that I've waited to hear and it's clear ... you're almost at that point where you let down that wall and let me help you up from your fall.
"Wait, can you hold?"
" I have another call?"
I say, " It's alright."

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