Tuesday, September 28, 2010

AB SOTO at Phoenix

By Tony Adams

Taking the recommendation of QNY's Charlie Vázquez, we stopped by Phoenix to catch the performance of LA gay rapper AB SOTO, and we are glad we did. Be patient with the sound quality of the video (after the break, with more photos) and enjoy the AB SOTO and backup boys' footwork that reminds me of VogueBallroom X Rap X DaLipstyxx (And whatever happened to that great downtown threesome DaLipstyxx? I did a search, but most of what I found is at least a few years old.) 

AB SOTO is energetic, banjee, kiddy-clown-with-a-dick and fun. I was expecting a west coast version of Cazwell, but that is not AB SOTO. I hope he keeps making music. It will be interesting to see where he goes.

(Check Charlie's QNY posts for info on live music at Phoenix.)

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