Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gay Rapper AB Soto Brings his Tricks to the Resurrected Phoenix

by Charlie Vázquez

One of the East Village’s most notorious haunts is now featuring live (and queer at that) entertainment in addition to the standard “DJ” culture that gay bars have locked themselves into. Back during Pride Week the Phoenix unveiled its new house with a bill entitled “Gay Rage,” which showcased four of New York City’s up-and-coming queer music acts. Since then a few others have followed and more are on the way (see below).

In-house star DJ Larry Sparkman’s Saturday night party, “Suspicious Package,” has developed a strong following all its own, and how could it not with such compelling graphics to seduce the restless queer eyes (also see below)? On Saturday, September 11th (10PM), he’ll be presenting Los Angeles-based gay rapper AB Soto, an internet and social media sensation both whimsical and sexy. I’ve included a video for your perusal:

Upcoming concert dates for the Phoenix:

Thursday, September 9th:
Little Victory and Brothers
9PM, no cover, 21+

Thursday, September 16th:

Thursday, September 23rd:
Horoscope and Sammy and the Supremes
9PM, no cover, 21+

Thursday, September 30th:
Skeleteon Head and Zbörnak
9PM, no cover, 21+