Sunday, September 5, 2010

OMG! Colton Ford on the Subway!

By West Village Bill

Earlier tonight, when Tony; Nick and Jason, his visiting friends from Buffalo; and I were on the 1 train, former porn superstar Colton Ford got on at 18th Street. We all got off at 42nd but unfortunately not in that way. Man, I so wanted to take a bite out of him.


  1. Tell us more! Mark H.

  2. He pretty much looked at his phone the whole time, ignoring me as I made a few attempts to take a good picture. He was wearing long pants and sandals. I'm not usually an admirer of feet but his were as flawless as the rest of him. Ooh, Daddy!

  3. In your photo, he seems to have an extraordinarily interesting thumb. "Talk to the hand."
    (In some swag bag, I got a copy of some musical performance by him. Not bad. I'll pass it along when next we meet.)

  4. As long as he didn't try to sing, I'd say your reaction was spot on.