Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's true.  You CAN make your own art to hang it on your wall as part of a new decorating scheme and have everything in the world be right for just a few great moments.

After I pitched a total bitch fit about the crap-state of our pied a terre last month, we decided to ask for that long, overdue paint job the landlord had been promising, erasing what at the time was a good choice of some very lovely, very dark olive-colored walls, bringing a bright, NYC whiteness back to the space and upping it's today-ness with some new color and furniture.  It's exactly the kind of activity I'd propose, especially since I've been in Tampa since May on a project and can count on one hand the times I've been in the city since then and my other half could care less.

Even though I suspect it's an overused, obvious, and I'm guessing about two years behind trend, we decided on a chocolate brown and red color palatte, trying to bring up the modern factor a bit in the space.  The problem we've always had is the apartment has soaring 12-foot ceilings which swallows up normal, off-the shelf art and decor.  So when I made an off-hand remark to the huz about "doing my own painting" for over the new sofa, he challenged me to do just that: get all these artsy-craftsy ideas out of my head and actually create something, which I've threatened to do since we met way back when but never actually completed.

And so I have.  My first piece of displayed art is an abstract, 48" by 60" acrylic on canvas .   When the new sofa and ottoman arrived this morning and I finally had everything in place, I have to admit, I just stood there, mesmerized, thinking to myself, "I did this. I created this".

I'm completely in love with it.


  1. Dear Beau,
    You done good! A very inviting room and intriguing painting! If I can ever get the plaster dust out of my eyes, I'll take some photos of how our own renovation is going.

  2. It looks wonderful, Beau! And matching! Congrats!