Friday, May 20, 2011

Brian Farrell Art Opening at Vanessa Noel Shoe Boutique

QNY guest Writer/Photographer: Miguel Dominguez

Artist Brian Farrell

The opening night exhibit of artist Brian Farrell, arranged by patroness Vanessa Noel at her sumptuous shoe boutique located in the southeast corner of 64 & Lex, was not exactly a “gay” happening, not in the strictest sense of the word, but there were enough Daddies of our persuasion (and hot ones too!) milling about, to make me dizzy with indecision about where I ought to focus.

When David Frank Ray, aka Darling!, who is my dearest friend and also a contributor to QNY, plus his own blog “Vintage a GoGo”, asked me to come to the event, I was delighted. When he told me that one of his closest chums whom I also admire immensely, Linda Morand, publisher of Supermodels Hall of, MiniMadMod and, was going to attend along with her daughter Mirjana, both of them showing off cocktail dresses by Pesavento Couture, I just couldn’t miss being there to make a photo report of the event.

Shoe designer Vanessa Noel with David Frank Ray

It was a rather rarified crowd, consisting of much wealth and much success with a lot of crossover between the two. All seemed to be connected by creative/artistic careers and concerns.

Heather West,ready to burst with pride and joy at her daughter's portrait, in the company of friend Ellen Galante.

Most intriguing and a real sweetheart was androgynous international personality José Castelo Branco, who attended the event with his wife Lady Betty Grafstein, and who showed us magazine covers of him looking like a female beauty model, a gender-bending feat he pulled off without the slightest shadow of suspicion. Amazing!

Lady Betty Grafstein and husband José Castelo Branco with Vanessa

The bird with the brightest plumage at the event turned out to be…Surprise, surprise! Linda Morand. So what else is new? Having been a top model since the 60s, and wearing the kind of Jamie Pesavento, haute couture creation that calls to mind the sort of garments only ladies of means can afford to get from Oscar de la Renta, she and her daughter Mirjana were the focus of attention wherever they paused.

Martin Snaric framed by Lady Betty Grafstein and José Castelo Branco

Ajoy Mani, David Frank Ray, Gennaro Pecchia and Christopher D. Macchio

Barry Weinstein, Loris Diran and Joey Mills

Others among the glitterati were singer Coby Koehl, Ajoy Mani, director of visual effects for Show & Tell Productions, and dapper tenor Christopher D. Macchio, who kept company with Gennaro Pecchia from the NYS Council on the Arts. Joey Mills, responsible for the look of Brooke Shields in her Calvin Klein days plus countless other actresses, ads and magazine covers, socialized with creative consultant Barry Weinbaum and Loris Diran, luxury wear designer with an extensive music, tv and film clientele.

Matthew Kibbler and Brian

Katherine Wilson with Henry Tibensky

Vanessa Noel, who also has an impressive celebrity clientele of her own, was a most gracious hostess, all done up in classic New York black and sporting a ring with a gorgeous pink rock the size of an ice cube. Very kicky!

Brian and Vanessa

All in all, it was the kind of event one is always very glad to have attended!

(To see more photos of the event, check my photo album page under my name in facebook)

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