Monday, May 9, 2011

Robert W. Richard’s Homoerotic Trunk Sale

Writer/photographer: Miguel Dominguez

Robert and two of his hotties

Through the years Robert W. Richards has kept himself the darling of the fashion dictators and connoisseurs, and rightfully so. The elegance of his style can turn a sack of potatoes over someone’s torso into the most beautiful of designers’ garments.

Patrick J. Sullivan, Robert W. Richards, Harvey Redding

But it is when drawing the male form that the beauty of his art turns into that “Old Black Magic”. Imagine the most perfect college discoveries by Bruce Weber, or Abercrombie & Fitch’s catalog drool dolls being deified by the ink work that only Robert can create. That’s when you realize you’re not witnessing the proof of a superior artist, but the work of a sorcerer.

(one or two of the images after the break are slightly NSFW)

On Saturday the 7th of May, in a one day “Trunk Sale” event at the PJS Exhibitions gallery in Chelsea—curated by Harvey Redding, who runs a homoerotic art workshop at the LGBT Community Center around the corner from the gallery—I was gleefully exposed to the kind of male erotic visions that has made Robert such a hallowed icon in gay art circles as well as in fashion. Many other homoerotic artists, among them Bob Zering, Gareth Hendee, Stefano Imbert, Chuck Hettinger and Michael Russnak attended as well, eager to see more of Robert’s treasures.

Photographer/model Gregory Moon ultra glamorized by Robert W. Richards

Dancer/nude yoga therapist Kevin Korton and Robert in front of their collaboration

My delight was compounded when Kevin Kortan, the dancer and nude yoga therapist (Yum!) who is also one of Robert’s hottest models showed up to congratulate Robert on his event. He is prominently featured in one of the larger art pieces by Robert at the gallery’s current exhibition “Seduction”, also curated by Harvey Redding and instigated by PJS Exhibitions gallery owner Patrick J. Sullivan to benefit the LGBT Community Center.

Robert W. Richards and art collector David Jarrett

Come see the work of Robert W. Richards, plus many other artists, in the present “Seduction” exhibit, which will show till May 15 at PJS Exhibitons, 238 w. 14th st.,

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