Monday, May 2, 2011

Gio Black Peter's New Video By Bruce LaBruce

Totally seriously NSFW video, but I call it to your attention because I think Gio Black Peter is the anti-Cazwell. I do NOT mean that as an insult or a compliment to either. The calculations each makes in delivery of his music videos are as different as black and white, and yet the atmosphere and redolence of Gio's [warning: NSFW link ahead] Revolving Door New Fuck New York closely matches Cazwell's Ice Cream Truck. I liked watching the Gio video only by reminding myself that the liquids deployed in its making were probably sugary syrups and sauces with edible bits of commonplace food. Call me vanilla if you will; I'll own it. We are all immune to sexually explicit imagery, and I hardly think this qualifies as pornography. (Riveting is different from titillating.) I liked the color, texture, mood. I do think it lacks story and poetry, two things that Cazwell always delivers.

Also, my comparison is entirely focused on the visual quality of Gio/Cazwell videos. I will continue to watch what both these guys put out. I do prefer the music and lyrics of Cazwell, but I'm pop like that; this will I also own. Come on, you highbrow readers, it's good to get down sometimes.

( Slava Mogutin photo)


  1. foto: Slava Mogutin

  2. thanks anon, correction made. how'd you get to this post?