Wednesday, May 11, 2011

“Men With The Golden Eye” Photo Exhibit at Posh Bar & Lounge

QNY guest Writer/Photographer: Miguel Dominguez

Logo's "A List" Rodiney Santiago with agent Martin Berusch

When two nights ago on May 9, photographer and homoerotic art collector David Jarrett invited me to visit his apartment to look over a small portion of the breathtakingly superb art pieces he keeps in New York, he capped an already wonderful evening by taking me to dinner at one of his favorite restaurants in Hell’s Kitchen.

9th avenue and the upper 40s is the hottest gay strip in New York since the Stonewall riots and a hell of a lot more exciting than even mythical Christopher Street in the 70s. After dinner, we toured all the haunts, and on a Monday night at 11 pm, the neighborhood was still jumping but with more room to breathe.

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Photographer Andrew Werner displaying his "oeuvre"

That was not the case next night at Posh, where one definitely needed a bulldozer to part the crowds at the “Men with the Golden Eye” photo exhibit. The event was hosted by Rodiney Santiago, the radioactive meltdown hunk from Logo’s “The A List”, looking squeaky clean and with a much harder body than I remember, Martin Berusch of Aardvark Aartist, who is photographer Mike Ruiz’s juicy other half, and who proved that very amusing truism that gay partners always look like bookends, and Frankie C. of Odyssey and Get Out Magazines, along with John Greco of Posh Bar & Lounge, also owner of Philip Marie, Bamboo 52 and123 Burger Shot Beer restaurants, who generously provided the open bar and eats.

David Jarrett and Mark Schulte

While on our tour of the neighborhood, David mentioned that Mark Schulte—former gossip writer for the now defunct HX Magazine and definitely the BUTT to kiss if you yearn to become a gay social butterfly, or a bat, if that’s your fetish—had sent him an announcement of an exhibit opening and bash for Jeff Eason, JJ Mack and Gustavo Monroy, the paparazzi he would take along when covering parties and events in New York’s gay bubble. Jason Russo, Francis Legge, Andrew Werner are also the other lucky and very accomplished guys being honored with this opportunity to show their most creative side.

Socialite AK-47 and artist Tracy Von Becker

Graphic designer Reiko the model on Andrew Werner photograph

Gazzelle and Brian Cummings

Having been a paparazzo myself—in the ancient times when Madonna was the goddess of the moment and Marky Mark, excuse me, Mark Wahlberg was still a second rate rapper who needed to drop his pants on stage in order to be noticed, (that’s how he got scooped by CK for his underwear line)—I just had to attend the event and cheer on my colleagues.

Trying to squeeze through the crowd turned out to be more fun than I expected. Most bodies were definitely worth gently pushing aside…I love cheap excuses! I have to come back on a regular night to see if they are the usual inhabitants of Posh. For the most part, they were the youngish, casual, artistic types totally hell bent on having fun.

Bartender Felipe "at your service"

Drop by Posh (405 West 51st Street) and be dazzled by the great photography hanging on its walls till July 18. And oh yes! Give yourself an eyeful of Felipe the bartender, another meltdown case.

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