Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Irritated Side Of Staten Island, or, Why Eating At White Castle Is Bad For Your Health

By Tony Adams

I bring you this report not only because it describes a possible hate crime but because of the fascinating comments it acquired. In addition to the usual gay/straight choosing up of sides, you'll find folks who say "They should have known better and just ignored that gang.", others who criticize the cops, others who are well acquainted with the turf wars that are raging on that side of Staten Island, others who make Lebronalogies, others who criticize the Gothamist reporter, and best of all, an extended and entertaining gripe-and-retort over local dialect and style of communication. This comment string has all the dirty dishes that one would find in a kitchen sink. On Staten Island. It does not, however, have the kitchen sink: better reporting (reposting?) about gay New York. I recently emailed the site owners about this. I have not received a reply. Gothamist claims six million monthly visitors. Unless that number is a vast exaggeration, they're big enough to to do better in their coverage of gay issues.

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