Thursday, July 1, 2010

Still More Pride Photos

When they saw what he was wearing under his kilt!

          Girls getting ready                               Boys getting ready

                Bloggers take 5th Ave.                  Auto Straddle Girls   

        The crowds along 5th Ave              A true Queer-Leader

          A stray Caesar adopted our group    Hey, isn't know?....Yes, it is!

As proud as the Empire State Building

                                       Flower Boxes on Christopher Street                    Pouty-Lips

           Women celebrate and smile          Some are overcome with pride

      These boys celebrate Liberty and Freedom

         Nick and Tony's Fabulous Gay Pride Adventure.
           Happy Pride everyone.


  1. I want to see what he was wearing under his kilt. Was it nothin'?

  2. BB
    Whole lotta nuthin' goin' on.

  3. My first gay pride ever, I watched two men have some seriously rough sex in those flower boxesas they were cheered on by the crowds.

  4. fun parade ever for me and i've been a few.