Saturday, July 24, 2010

Well I just don't know what to say...

Sometimes you see something and are left scratching-your-head-speechless.  Do you respond with snark? Sarcasm? Sympathy? Or just plain silence?
Not everyone is gifted with the blistering wit of Dorothy Parker, but perhaps you, dear reader, would have the correct responses in the following situations...?
Seen on Amsterdam Ave, but appears all over the City.
FYI, only the paper is free. The on-line classes will cost you.

Dec. 09 CPW. From the outside...                                    ...on the inside

In the home improvement category...

Snapped this last March, while Way Out West (on West End Avenue)

South Slope, last week.
Brownstone Brooklyn?

Neighborhood Improvement category:

Seems not everyone is happy in Hipsterville
(two weeks ago)

An extremely windy day in May set me up for this odd collision of images outside Gavin Brown's Enterprise

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