Monday, July 19, 2010

A Request for Help.

From Tony Adams

Dear readers,

I'm in the running for a six month gig as the new "Gay Travel Guru" for
I've made it into round two of the competition and now I need your votes. Here's the link. ( ) In tiny blue letters next to my name, you'll see the invitation to vote for me. A "five" is the best rating.

The first video I provided is a compilation of fun moments from recent interviews. Making this vid made me realize how much fun I've had in the past several months. The guru gig is a paying one, an element not overlooked by my less leisurely husband, in which I'll travel and report.

Looks like their are six serious contenders against whom I'll need your boost.

Thanks for your help!



  1. Tony - I'll vote as soon as my acct. there is activated!

  2. Thanks Lee. Maaaany difficulties have been encountered by all of you who bothered to vote. I deeply appreciate it. The account activation delay is one of their classics.