Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dueling Bankheads

By Father Tony

The writer of this perusal of all things Tallulahular in anticipation of Valerie Harper's take on the legendary New York theater star mistakenly referred to ''The Dueling Tallulahs". Think his gay card should be revoked?

I once saw the Dueling Bankheads at CBGB. They were doing some sort of Carol-Channing-choking-on-candy-corn schtick that night. They are an endearing train wreck. I have always wondered if they are partners in real life, and if so, what their home life must be like.

The videos after the jump are just as NSFW as are always the Dueling Bankheads.

Update: Having read the NYT article, the baad lamb watched the referenced Lucy Desi Comedy Hour in which Tallulah guest starred. Here's the first part of six. So good, I know you'll watch all six.

(photos: Vandamm; Scott Suchman)

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