Saturday, February 13, 2010

Peter Max Had a Dream

By Father Tony

In a city where monthly garage rental costs often equal human housing costs elsewhere, I can't imagine how much Peter Max paid to store 36 Corvettes all those years. The unintendedly funny thing about this article is the way it reports the reaction of strangers to apparent "vintage car abuse".

Won't somebody think of the poor little cars?

(Photo Tony Cenicola/New York Times)

PS: I'm a big Peter Max fan. Got two of his neck ties. In cheaper storage.

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  1. I adore those cars and incidentally my parents own a small gallery's worth of his art O_o; To put that in perspective, however, these are people that considered buying a Van Gogh print. And, because my family is of the "Go out and do it yourself" mindset, I'm living in a 1200/month one-bedroom in Queens looking for a 40k job with no money from them xD

    What I wouldn't do for half an hour or so just -looking- at these in person!