Wednesday, February 10, 2010

View from My Window: A Wonderful Snow Day

by Maurice Michaane

Once in a blue moon a snow day comes along to those of us in NYC, and today was one of those days. This photo was taken from my apartment of the wonderful winter wonderland that descended upon the city today.

Having grown up in Orange County, NY, I am very used to snow days and can recall as a kid how I would wake up in the middle of the night to look out the window and see if it was snowing, then turn on my radio to hear if school had been canceled. The joy of a snow day as a child was the ultimate high.

Although no longer a young kid who can count on regular snow days to stay home, I was very excited to hear that my business school program (MBA) closed today due to the inclement weather. Who says you can't relive your childhood!!


  1. That pic almost makes me wish I was back up north. Almost. And then at noon today, I put down the convertible top of my Smart Car and regretted not having any sunblock with me....

  2. Snow days! Grew up in Buffalo, so you know the rest. Also lived in DC, where 2 inches was enuf to call out the National Guard. Seems that hasn't changed much. Now in CA; wish I were there!

  3. Cute a day after picture to show the contrast.