Friday, February 12, 2010

QNY Tonight: A Mini Ball in Brooklyn (No Cover)

By Father Tony

"Gay Men of African Descent" (GMAD) and "Gay Mens Health Crisis" (GMHC) present "I Have a Dream" Mini Ball tonight at The Lab, 1428 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, 5-11PM, no cover, free HIV testing.

More information, and the all-important categories, after the break. (And if you go, please say hello to Luna Legacy and urge him to join the QNY team!)

African-Americans in Beauty & Cosmetics

FQ Face- (Beauty in a Box) In 1917 Sarah Breedlove aka Madam C.J. Walker was known to have the largest business owned by a African American in the USA selling her “Wonderful Hair Grower “and other hair care products. Many of years later, Clairol Hair Products put an aspiring black model on the front of a hair dye box that would later become the 1st Transgender Women to grace a national advertisement campaign that is now known as The Icon Tracy Africa. Tonight in honor of Ms. Tracy Africa we want to see natural beauty. Bring it in all white lightly painted, no theatrical makeup! Who was born beautiful? $100 + 1 trophy

BQ Face- (The Blueprint) some say that Lil Richard is the blueprint for male artist who take an initiative in the way that they look. He was coined the 1st male to wear female make up. He says “I was born a pretty baby, I am pretty man, and when I leave this juke joint, if I ever do, I will be a pretty legend”. In the ballroom scene we all know what being a pretty legend is. Tonight in honor of the blueprint himself, Whitney Mugler-Garcon, and other face legends such as; Erskine Christian, Ira Aphrodite, Luna Legacy, & Tony Milan come tastefully done in a 3 piece suit, but don’t forget to add a lil touch of lil Richard. $100 + 1 trophy

BQUiD- (Wig Out) in the 1960’s Black women in America fell in love with the Wig. The perm was the thing of the pass and to be a part of the new beauty you had to own you a wig. Tonight in honor of the girls that remain wigged out like the new legends Mariah Balenciaga and Alyssa Garcon and the Legendary Rupaul, come serving us carta in a 60’s inspired wig. $100 + 1 trophy
Women- (Miss America) Vanessa L. Williams holds the title of being the 1st black women to be crowned Miss America in 1983. Jamie Balenciaga, Poison Mizrahi, and Aisha Prodigy are all examples on how women still hold face titles in the ballroom community. Tonight, in your Ms. America gown & sash bring us forth a mug that is capable of being deemed Ms. Ballroom. In honor of a Women’s Face Legend, have her name on your sash. $100 + 1 trophy

BQ Realness x/Twist- (“Why Do Fools Fall In Love”) Frankie Leymon & the Teenagers released the track “Why do fools fall in love?” in 1956 which later would become their most successful recording. Are real boys still real once they fall in love with Vogue? That’s a question that ballroom has yet to answer. Tonight get your tens for part one in a school boy effect and come back and get scored as your favorite vogue fem diva. (We must know who youre are, from performance to the look) 1 trophy

African-Americans in Film & Media

BQ Runway- (I’m a Bad Motha...Shut your Mouth) In 1971 Gordon Parks directed Shaft a American blaxploitation film which theme song “Shaft” recorded by Isaac Hayes became a African American classic along with the movie. Shaft was known to be smoothest cat around New York City. Tonight all the original “G’s” like RR Chanel, Tony Revlon, Rodney Balenciaga, Ricky Mizrahi, Steve Legacy, Jay Blahnik, Bernie Jourdan, Andre Mizrahi, Devin Elite, & new “G’s” such as Dominique Revlon & Keith Balenciaga are out of town and you have to protect New York from all the unfashionable thefts. Bring it down the runway in a 70’s inspired effect and please don’t forget your Fro’ the bigger the better. 1 trophy

Female Figure Runway- (Foxy Brown) Pam Gier was quoted to be the 1st female action actress due to her many roles in the 1970’s blaxploitation films where she took on big, bold, assertive roles; she also is the 1st Black women to head-line a motion film. Being sexy and seductive but with a graceful aura is what got Ms. Gier the role as Foxy Brown and that kept black women and little girls across the USA mimicking her every move. Tonight paying homage to the women that ballroom looks up to such as: Mahogany Chanel, Lisa Garrett Revlon, Tyra Mugler, Monica 007, Mariah Revlon, Baby Garcon, & Eve Prada bring us a look straight from Foxy Brown. $100 + 1 trophy

African-Americans in Sports & Medicine

BQ Sex Siren- (The Greatest) “Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee, all the sex sirens wanna be like me” If you think that you are the sexist sex siren that ever walked besides the Legends Buddha Balenciaga, Jihad Ebony, & Raplhle Allure then you have what they call the Muhammad Ali syndrome. Muhammad Ali aka Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. was deemed the “Sportsman of the Century” due to his 56 wins throughout his boxing career. He also had a mean cockiness with him no point, tonight is the night to bring it in a boxer effect and to call out who u don’t see walking this category to the ring. (Catboy .vs. Jr .vs. Sr) 3 trophies

African-Americans in Entertainment & Art

FQ .vs. BQUID Performance- (Bronze Venus) Freda Josephine Baker aka Josephine Baker the bronze Venus is known to be the 1st black women to star in a major film, to integrate an American concert hall, and to become a world-famous entertainer. She gave a stellar performance each and every time she performed no matter on what stage she did it on. Tonight paying homage to all the performance divas like Kristina, Ashley, Sania, Latisha, Alyssa, DeDe, Sandy, Niambi, Meeka, Daeja, Yolanda, and The Falling Legend Allura, bring it in a recreated look of when one of those divas took Grand Prize and became the “Performance Venus”. Mini Grand #1 $250 + 2 trophies

BQ Vogue Fem- (Revelations) In 1958 Alvin Ailey founded the 1st black modern dance troupe named The Alvin Ailey Dance Theater. Through his devoted work and firm beliefs his company was nicknamed the Cultural Ambassador to the World. Tonight in a look inspired by a modern dancer bring it in the name of performance diva legends such as; Lil Kevin, Charles, Paul, Arturo, Eric, Malachi, Ray-Ray, Peanut, Shay-Shay, Pony, Tieffa, & the Falling Legends Paul & Mystery. Mini Grand #2 $250 + 2 trophies (dramatics vs. soft and dainty)

African-Americans in Leadership

Team Realness (1 BQ Figure, 1 Butch or Transman, 1 FQ Figure, 1 BQUID)

From the beginning of our journey to the unknown land on slave boats to the Detroit and Los Angeles riots to the election of the first Black President of the United States of America we as African Americans have seen many of our brothers and sisters step up in leadership roles and commit their lives to changing and shaping America. From the courageous tales of Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad to the uplifting words of Mya Angelou’s “And Still I Rise” poem to the Iconic “I Have a Dream” speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. we honor the individuals who contribute their talents to make America recognize African America culture, Tradition, and Heritage.

Tonight each member of your team must come in full effect as an African American Leader. Each member must tell the judges how their chosen person contributed to the African-American movement. After each member is done the group must then tell the judges on how their team will contribute to the Ballroom Scene, it could be holding a coat drive, organizing a can food drive, etc., and why that certain task is needed in today’s time. Remember we as a community will be holding you accountable for what you committed to if you’re the winning team. Grand Prize $500 + 4 trophies


  1. Dear anonymous, I rejected your comment of 9-23-10 because there was no text in it.

  2. Hello everyone, I am the niece of the Legendary Erskine Christian. He will be at the Ball with bells on. He is so excited about going. Love you all.

    Marina Christian