Saturday, February 20, 2010

In Case You Missed It

By Father Tony

Watching this video recap of the protest is heartening. The strength of this video is twofold. There is the conviction expressed by the protesters who have my admiration, but there is also the resounding sadness in the faces of the bureaucrats and police who seem to be discharging public responsibilities with which they do not personally agree. Gone are the smirks and sarcasm and disdain of previous decades. I think I see signs that in the heart of America, homophobia is withering and this battle is well on its way to being over.


  1. watching this made me cry,
    only reminds me of the 2nd class nature which the privileged majority has subjugated LGBT people to, and how my partner and I felt worthless when we applied for a crappy piece of paper that said we had a domestic partnership! We wan full marriage equality!

  2. I'm sorry but if you look at the facts, we are NOT winning our rights! Every time the majority gets to vote on weather or not we get equal rights, we lose! I have given up fighting, I will NEVER be allowed to marry my husband of 25 years! Gay marraige in the US will not happen as long as we have idiots like the tebaggers who spread hate and lies and who are GAINING power!