Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tea Baggers Can't Even Spell "Learn English!"

posted by CSCFON

By the way, they are not the "Tea Party" (not a party, just a mismashed movement of people with different ideals using similar names to make their numbers seem larger). They are Tea Baggers. Why?

The Tea Party in Boston in 1773 was about “taxation without representation.” Those revolutionaries acknowledged and accepted taxes, they just wanted to have the ability to vote for the government representatives that decide the taxes they have to pay. And since the protesters DO have taxation WITH representation, they aren’t tea partiers. So I revert to the name they first gave themselves - tea baggers.

QUICK QUIZ (Fill in the blank):
“A great speech by ____________, attacked Jews, social democrats, liberals, reactionary monarchists, capitalists and communists, and then began attracting adherents, which started a movement.”

‘Tea Baggers’? Sounds right.

But actually, the answer is: Adolf Hitler.
At his famous Beer Hall Putsch in 1923 in Munich. Hmmm.

Just what do these people really want? Some want less taxes. But so so many are making signs and advocating bringing down the government (anarchy? home-grown terrorism?) and even violence and murder. If they don't like being called crazy, they need their so-called leaders to stop ACTING crazy.


  1. A. Bartlett Giamatti once explained conservatism as a bad reaction to the obligation of managing complexity.

  2. Who knows what they want, but if they coalesce behind a charismatic leader and the rest of the nation isn't alert, what they'll GET is fascism, US style.