Tuesday, April 13, 2010

BREAKING NEWS - QNY Exclusive: It's Official 2010 NYC Pride March Cut by 25%

by Maurice Michaane

On Monday April 12th, the General Membership of NYC Pride (HOP), which was open to the public, discussed and voted on how to respond to the new City-Wide March/Parade rules.

In the interest of the NYC community, the details of the meeting last night will not be released until negotiations for all City-Wide March's/Parades are finalized.


  1. It's about time that the community stop protesting the Catholic Church and focus on how to built alliances!

  2. The City notified the NYPD that they must make budget cuts. A decision was made that "ALL" parades routes and times would be cut 25%. I don't think they are singling out any group religion or community.