Friday, April 23, 2010

Mayorical on 34th Street

By Father Tony

I've long been a fan of Mayor Boomberg's efforts to calm traffic in Manhattan.

Today we read about his administration's decision to restrict 34th Street to buses and pedestrians.

I like this because it will add a bit to the dissuasion of vehicular visitors to Manhattan, but I am slightly hesitant about any plan that crosses buses with pedestrians.

I still hope to live to see the day when Manhattan will be entirely relieved of the noise of the gasoline engine and auto horns, and when most of its streets are exclusively for pedestrians and bikes.

(A New York Times graphic)


  1. I agree! One of my favorite parts of living in NYC is escaping the need to own an automobile. I support anything that reduces the number of them on the street, and I really don't understand how or why there is so much resistance to congestion pricing and such plans.

    The bus/people interaction is scary, but compared to how close the buses get to the pedestrians waiting on the corner sidewalks now, I can't imagine it being any worse. I've nearly had my head taken off by rear view mirrors on multiple occasions when I was minding my own business, "safely" off the street.

  2. Dear Riot,
    You ain't lived till you've been threatened by the deadly speeding buses of Buenos Aires!

  3. I'm in total agreement for the pedestrian walk-way along 34th street. I love what they've done in Midtown and it feels like a great trend that brings this great sense of community and togetherness to the city.

    That being said, I'm also concerned about the buses but without the other vehicle traffic, I think people will manage. I was going to end with a snarky quip about evolution but I'll just end with, 'people will manage.'

  4. If the buses don't get you the bikes will. But yes I love the street scene.

  5. Oh yes, I'm thrilled about this as well. I've fallen in love with walking streets throughout the world, and am always glad when vehicles are given the heave-ho. I'm in favor of keeping the buses mainly to take care of those folks who truly are not able to walk. Better buses than taxis.